Why Choose Advantage Towing for Your Car Storage Needs

14 December 2020

Cars are one of the few assets that can be beneficial for individuals or families. As they assist people get to one point to another, most of these cars are cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid damaging them along the way. Additionally, they are stored properly to effectively preserve their quality and performance.

While cleaning and maintaining the car can be done easily, storing it can be a problem for some people. Some people might not have enough space for the storage of their cars. Others, alternatively, are just protective of their hard-earned investment. Whatever the reasons are, car storage facilities can truly help resolve issues and concerns that car owners might have.

Main Principles behind Car Storage

Car storage solutions that are being offered by some businesses are intended to provide great benefits to customers. For one, these solutions are designed to readily protect their investment. Car storage facilities are built with features that will protect the cars from obtaining damages from the sun, moisture, rust, pests, and other elements.

Aside from enhanced protection, car storage facilities can easily provide enough space for all cars. These facilities have huge spaces, allowing them to store many cars from different people simultaneously. These facilities can also offer the necessary routine maintenance checks for cars, which then entices more car owners to have their cars stored on these places. And if car owners decided to use and drive their cars, some car storage services can transport the cars right next to their doorsteps.

Getting to Know Advantage Towing

We, at Advantage Towing, can provide all the benefits of having your car stored properly in efficiently-designed car storage facilities.

Apart from car storage solutions, we are likewise known to be the most reliable and the best towing services provider in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years, allowing us to provide professional towing services that will certainly take all your worries away.

With our fleet of late-model tilt slide tow truck, we always make sure that your cars and vehicles will be serviced and delivered undamaged and on time to their intended destination.

Car Storage Options and Services

With our available car storage facilities, we can easily offer a solution to all your car storage and self-storage needs. Our facilities can accommodate the best options for storage in the mentioned region. Some of our car storage options that you can utilise include the following.

  • Open Air / Outdoor Storage: We have outdoor storage that can conveniently store cars, caravans, camper vans, boats, and others. Our storage is located in an open yet secure yard.
  • Shipping Container: We likewise possess 20-foot shipping containers that are also found in a secure yard, ensuring that they can accommodate any storage needs and requirements.
  • Factory Workshop Storage: Our factory workshop can also be used as the storage of your vehicles.

All our car storage facilities and locations are secured round the clock. Through keypad entries, alarms, and security cameras, we make sure that your vehicles will be stored safely and securely. Additionally, we can also do maintenance works so that your car can be used right away whenever you need it. We can charge your battery, pump your tires, and change the oil of your car, all at a competitive cost.


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