What’s Your Scrap Car Worth? Get Your Reasonable Quote from Advantage Towing

26 April 2022

Investing in a car is often a good choice for anyone since it can transport people from one place to another. Buying a car can provide convenience, privacy, and safety for people going to a specific location.

If you currently own a great car, you know how these benefits have helped your life become more comfortable and safer. However, as years pass by, you may have noticed a gradual deterioration of its parts. Worse, it may have already been subjected to countless repairs. Without you noticing, you may have spent thousands of dollars to prevent it from getting damaged.

One thing that you can do with your old, faulty car is to sell it. Discarding it may be an option, but you can get more value if you will be selling it to an old car removal service provider.

Major Factors Affecting Your Scrap Car Worth

Your car may possess a wide array of issues and problems, but it could still bring you a lot of value once it has been sold to the mentioned service provider. One key reason your car remains valuable is it possesses different types of metals and other materials that can be collected and recycled.

While all cars have valuable materials, the worth of your vehicle may vary depending on several factors. Here are some factors that can affect your scrap car’s value.

  • Scrap Metal Market Price: One of the factors that can affect your scrap car’s worth is the prices of metals globally. If the supply of metals goes down, their demand is expected to go up. During this phase, the cost of scrap metals from your car may also go up due to limited supply. Alternatively, the scrap metals out of your car may not be sold at a high price if their global supply is high.
  • Vehicle Parts Demand: The value of your scrap car can also be affected by the demand for its parts. Your car may already be old, but some of its parts can be recovered, removed, and recycled so they can be utilised again. But their selling prices would hugely depend on the demand of the market. If your car parts are rare and difficult to purchase, expect your vehicle to become highly valuable. On the other hand, your car cannot be sold at a high price if its parts are not recovered or resold.
  • Vehicle Specifications: One more factor that could affect your car’s worth is its specifications. The year, make, and model of your vehicle can determine its value. If your car is crafted out of a wide array of metals, then expect it to become more valuable compared to others. Your car may also be valuable if it is rare. With a rare car, your components may be recovered and sold at high prices.

Get a Valuable Quote from Advantage Towing

To get the most out of your scrap car, you must contact us at Advantage Towing. We can provide you with a very competitive quote for your old car, which cannot be achieved by other old car removal service providers. We not only remove unwanted vehicles, but we also offer cash for cars Melbourne for your old, damaged, and unwanted vehicles, 4x4s, trucks, and commercial vehicles.

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