Remove Your Old Unwanted Car and Earn Instant Cash from Advantage Towing Melbourne

29 April 2021

A lot of you most likely have cars that are already around for a long time. And as years pass by, some of you may have also purchased a new car, leaving the old car unused and abandoned in your garage or other storage spaces. There are old unwanted cars that can still be used for road trips. Others, however, cannot be used at all due to the deterioration of their parts and components.

Letting go of your old car may be difficult, especially if it has some sentimental value for you. However, doing this can be beneficial for you given the advantages that old car removal services can offer you.

The Dangers of Abandoning Old Unwanted Car

But before knowing the advantages of old car removal services, you must know first the dangers of leaving your old unwanted car abandoned to storage space.

Leaving your old car unused for a very long time can cause its components to deteriorate. One of them is the tires. Tires tend to deteriorate after a long time. They can become flat, deflated, or warped. Your tires may even rot, emitting toxins that would only harm the environment. And speaking of toxins, your old unused car can emit toxins due to peeling paint and leaking fluids. With these elements, your car will not only cause harm to the environment, but it can also harm you and others.

Another danger of abandoning an old unwanted car in your garage is its effect on your property appearance and value. As your old unwanted car continues to break down within your vicinity, the curb appeal of your property will also deteriorate significantly. And the longer your old unwanted car is in your garage, the faster your property value decreases over time, which not truly advantageous for you.

The presence of insects and pests can likewise be prominent if your old car stays in your garage or property space. Cockroaches, rodents, spiders, and others might stay and even breed inside the components of your car. And if they start to increase in number, they can easily affect not only your property but also the overall wellbeing of your neighbours, especially if these pests reach their homes.

Old Unwanted Car Can Grant You Instant Cash

Given the dangers of abandoning your old car on your property, it might be truly best for you to just get rid of it. Fortunately, old car removal services are now available for old car owners like you.

We, at Advantage Towing, offer old car removal services that can benefit you big time. With these services, you can easily avoid all the dangers of abandoning your old car in your garage. These services likewise allow you to save resources, especially with time and money since you do not have to transport your old car to our facility on your own. Instead, we would utilise tow trucks to make sure your old car will be removed from your property safely and transported to our facility for safe disassembly.

And since your old car contains scrap yet recyclable materials, we would grant you instant cash, which you can use for whatever expenses you have in mind.


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