Key Things You Should Know before Having Your Car Towed

10 May 2021

Car owners often have no choice but to call for car towing services whenever they encounter some major car problems and issues on the road. One of these problems is flat tires. Flat tires may happen once their tires have sustained low pressure and damaged treads. Passing through sharp foreign objects on the road can also cause flat tires. Another problem that they may encounter is when their engine overheats. Obtaining car damages due to collision also calls for car towing services.

Companies that offer car towing activities can be quick and responsive in providing the needed services. Therefore, car owners must be ready and prepared once car towing services have been requested. To give you an idea, here are some things that you should know before having your car towed.

Prioritise Care and Safety

If your car encountered issues or problems before leaving a parking space, then you are already in a safe environment. However, if your car suddenly malfunctioned while you are driving on the road, then you must move it to a safe location. When moving your car, you must first put it in neutral mode before pushing it to the roadside to avoid causing disturbances to other cars on the road. Alternatively, you can place some cones, flags, or other indicators if your car cannot be moved anymore. Hazard blinkers must also be put on so that others will know that your car has some issues and problems.

Prepare the Documents

Once you have moved to or established a safe environment for you and your car, you must now prepare all the documents that you need to show to towing companies. Some of the most important documents that you must present include the registration, driver’s license, insurance cards, and other membership cards that could help in making the towing and repair services easier to obtain.

Contact Towing Services

After preparing all the documents needed, it would be the best time for you to make the call. Contacting a towing company that has a good reputation in your neighbourhood can be a great move to obtain high-quality towing services. Your towing company should also be ready round-the-clock, making sure that they can respond to your towing request whenever and wherever they are needed. Alternatively, you could contact the manufacturer of your car to check if they could do anything to have your car moved. Insurance companies might likewise offer towing services, which you can also call for assistance.

Wait for the Towing Services

Now that you have made your phone call, all you have to do now is to wait for the towing professionals. You must still be cautious about your surroundings while waiting for them to ensure that no one can take advantage of your situation. Once the towing company has arrived, you may be asked to sign some paperwork before instructing you on all the things that will be done to your car. The towing company will then attach your car to their truck and drive towards the service garage for repairs.

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