How do You Know if Your Car is Still Roadworthy?

10 May 2022

When you first bought your car, it is expected that your car dealer has checked all its components before allowing you to take it home. Some of its parts may wear and get old gradually, but it is not enough for your whole vehicle to become unroadworthy.

What makes your vehicle unroadworthy, however, can be broken down into a lot of factors. You may already have tyres that have already cracked, allowing them to cause grave danger to you and the other passengers of your car. You may likewise have lights that do not illuminate entirely, making them hazardous not only to you but also to other cars on the road.

How do you know if your car is still roadworthy? Here are some vital checks that you can conduct to verify the roadworthiness of your vehicle.


One of the crucial vehicle parts that you must check is the wheels. Your car can still be utilised on public roads if your wheels and rims are free of cracks and any similar types of damage. They must also not be bent or buckled. The welds on wheels, moreover, should be free of defects. Ultimately, the wheels and even your tyres must not touch any other parts of your steering and or suspension movement.


Connected directly with wheels, your car is still roadworthy if you have tyres that are in good condition. Tyres that have been certified and constructed for normal road use must be present, making your car roadworthy. If your tyres, however, have already attained some cracks and tread depth of more than 1.5mm, you must replace them first. Your car is likewise roadworthy if your tyres are equipped with valve caps as they protect them from dirt and grime build-up. One more thing that makes your car roadworthy is if your tyres have the correct air pressure.


Aside from wheels and tyres, another component that you must check to verify the roadworthiness of your car is the lighting. Vehicle lights that have already malfunctioned, cracked, and faded can cause varying dangers on the road. Without any immediate repairs, it would make your car unroadworthy.


The engine of your car serves as its main powerhouse. And without any prior inspection and maintenance, its components may slowly deteriorate until they no longer work and function optimally. Your car can be considered unroadworthy if your engine continuously manifests issues that are not only hazardous to your car but also to nearby cars. Oil leak, for instance, is an issue that can damage your entire engine once you fail to mitigate it.


The roadworthiness of your car likewise depends on the condition of your brakes. The braking system of your car should function optimally to avoid any accidents on the road. If this system has become faulty and ineffective, it may lead to issues that can be devastating for you and nearby vehicles.

Other components that should be tested to verify your car’s roadworthiness are steering parts, wiper blades, windscreen, and battery. If they have become too costly to repair, your vehicle is not roadworthy anymore. To know the best step for your car, you can call us at Advantage Towing Services.

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