Essential Tools and Equipment a Towing Company Should Have

23 July 2021

A vehicle can sometimes generate issues that would force it to stop in the middle of a drive. And when something like this happens, the driver would typically call for some help.

During these incidents, car owners would typically reach out to towing companies and hire their services. And when hiring a reputable towing company, car owners can expect immediate assistance in just a very short time. They are likewise assured of safe and efficient ways of towing, preventing the stalled cars from developing more issues during the towing proper.

But for a towing company to be effective in conducting its services, it must possess tools and equipment that are needed for the towing services. Some essential tools and equipment that a towing company should have are as follows:

Adjustable Boom

One essential tool that a towing company should possess is an adjustable boom. This tool is known to be used rarely but obtaining it can be helpful in dire situations wherein a car is stuck in a ditch, embankment, or other hard-to-reach areas. Paired with a tow truck, the adjustable boom can easily recover any vehicle by placing a hook to the vehicle and let the other necessary towing tools operate.

Hook and Chain

The hook and chain are two other tools that can be used with tow trucks. Typically, a towing professional would wrap the chain around the axle or frame of the vehicle, ensuring that the truck can lift the vehicle properly. Subsequently, others can put some rubberised mats under the vehicle to refrain it from skidding. As for heavy-duty vehicles or damaged vehicles, the towing company can utilise a belt lift.

Wheel Lift

Another tool that can be useful for a towing company is a wheel lift. Wheel lift operates similarly to hook and chain. But compared to the previously mentioned tools, a wheel lift can cause no damage to the vehicles whenever it is attached to them. A wheel lift maximises a long steel bar and another straight bar to connect the front tires to the tow truck. Typically, the vehicle is raised when utilising a wheel lift.

Flatbed Truck

One tool that a towing company should have is a flatbed truck. This specific truck can handle different types and weights of vehicles, making it truly versatile and functional. Even boats can be placed on this truck. The flatbed on this truck is located at the back. This specific part is often equipped with a winch to effectively move the cars onto the ramp or back of the flatbed truck.

Quick Pick

A quick pick, which is also known as a self-loader and repo truck, is a tool that combines wheel lift and boom. The name of this tool simply describes the way it can obtain the vehicle and haul it away to the intended destination. This specific tool can be used in recovering a vehicle that is located in a tough spot. It can also be used to remove vehicles that are illegally parked.

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