Ensure Safe Caravan Relocation with Advantage Towing

08 November 2021

When it comes to long weekend trips, many families would opt for vans since they can easily transport heavy loads and numerous people. Others, however, opt for caravans due to their notable qualities.

If you already own a caravan, you probably know how helpful it can be during distant trips or getaways. A caravan is a type of wheeled vehicle that can be utilised for living in or travelling. Its space is often converted into a mobile living quarter, which ensures that beds, storage areas, cooking appliances, refrigerators, and other significant things can all be fitted inside. The installation of these things helps families like yours to get some rest throughout the whole drive.

Owning a caravan helps you obtain living spaces for your family and friends during the drive. It can likewise enhance your travel experience as various surrounding views can be seen along the way.

Most Common Problems with Caravan

However, travelling with a caravan requires a high level of driving skills since it can sway and become unstable in the long run. Without driving carefully, your caravan may end up losing balance and cause accidents on the road and generate risks towards nearby vehicles.

One common reason why caravan may end up losing balance is due to high-speed driving. When driving and travelling at high speed, the movement of your car and the caravan can become erratic. And once you abruptly swerve or change directions, your caravan will become destabilised. Aside from high-speed driving, another reason behind caravan issues is the existence of prevailing crosswinds. Strong winds can easily affect the stability of your caravan. Driving the caravan without considering the wind strength, direction, and other factors will only expose it and others to dangers.

Other potential reasons behind caravan problems are unequal tyre pressures between the caravan and the tow vehicle, inappropriate loading of the caravan, and overtaking of heavy vehicles.

Ensure Caravan Safety and Security

Fortunately, there are some actions that you can do to ensure a safe trip with your caravan. For one, you may install a safety device like a stabiliser so that the caravan will remain stable throughout the trip. You must also keep your speed at the recommended levels for the caravan to remain stable and safe. Your caravan will also not destabilise if you will be loading it with things appropriately. Remember to put the heavier things on the floor, while the lighter things can be organised in storage units.

Now, as you load more things in your caravan, you must ensure that it will not be overloaded. If you are bringing some water tanks, you must place them at the back of the caravan. As for the tyre, tow bar, and tow coupling, you must avoid surpassing their recommended capacities.

If you require more help in transporting or relocating your caravan, you must call us at Advantage Towing. With our fleet of late-model Hino tilt slide tow trucks, we take pride in moving your car, caravan, 4×4, bobcat, forklift, scissor lift and any other type of machinery. We can service the Southeast Suburbs of Melbourne, including Mordialloc, Mentone, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Highett, Aspendale, Elsternwick, St Kilda, Murrumbeena, Bentleigh East areas in Melbourne.

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