Car Removal Melbourne Service: Understanding the Hidden Value of Your Old Car

08 April 2021

Cars that are old, damaged, or unused are often stored in places where they would collect dust, debris, and other similar elements. And as they continue to age and deteriorate, their value would just depreciate quickly until they finally lose all their significance.

Fortunately, some businesses want to gladly buy old, damaged, or unused cars from car owners. Most scrap car removal businesses have the resources to obtain these types of cars, remove and collect parts that can still be recycled and processed, and provide cash to the owners for selling their cars. With the services that these businesses offer, many car owners are encouraged to just surrender their cars to them and appreciate everything that they would do and provide in return.

Recyclable Materials from Your Old Car

Your old car, whether it is unused or has been damaged, still holds significant value even after storing it for a long time since it is comprised of metal materials that can still be obtained and reprocessed.

One type of metal that can still be retrieved from your car is steel. Steel is a lightweight metal material that is cheap, strong, and long-lasting. It is often used in manufacturing brakes, wheels, chassis, roof, engine, exhaust, and other similar components. This specific material can still be recycled given that many industries use it for other purposes.

Another popular material that can still be recycled from your car is aluminium. It is a type of metal that can resist rust and corrosion. So, even if you store your car for a long time, you can expect parts that are made from aluminium to stay intact and retain their core characteristics. Other materials from your old car that are truly valuable and can be recycled are magnesium, iron, and titanium.

Turn to Scrap Car Removal Companies

If you still have your old car with you, then you must turn to scrap car removal companies to maximise its hidden value. Scrap car removal companies can be beneficial for you since they ensure that your old car will be eradicated properly. Instead of letting them deteriorate in landfills, these companies will take proper disposal measures to ensure they do not cause harm to the environment. Harmful emissions from your car will be prevented, while useable materials will be extracted safely and efficiently. This action alone allows you to contribute to the recovery of the environment.

And as your old car is eradicated appropriately, turning to scrap car removal companies allows you to earn some cash. These companies would often offer you a certain amount since they can hugely benefit from extracting, recycling, reprocessing scrap metals out of your car. You do not even have to worry about sending your car to them since they offer free towing services in obtaining your vehicle.

Old Car Removal at Advantage Towing

If you want to maximise the value of your old car, then feel free to call us at Advantage Towing. We are licenced motor car traders that are specialised in the Melbourne car removal industry. We can remove old, unwanted, and damaged cars, 4x4s, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. We service all over Melbourne as well as some country areas like Echuca/Moama, Kyabram, and Tongala.

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