A Step-by-Step Guide to Towing Your Boat Properly and Safely

15 December 2021

Sailing with your boat can be a great way of spending time with your family or friends. As long as it is stored and maintained regularly, then you will have no problem operating it.

But one step that you must consider thoroughly before sailing your boat is to tow it carefully. No matter what your distance is to the nearest waterway, you must ensure that you are towing your boat properly and safely. Failure to tow your boat appropriately might only introduce some problems to your beloved possession, which would not only cost you some money but can also put some risks on your life.

There are several steps that you can do to ensure the safe towing of your boat. Some of the steps that you can do are the following:

Confirm Compatibility

Your boat towing activity can only be successful if your tow vehicle can handle the weight of your boat. When checking the compatibility of your tow vehicle, you must check its Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). This specific rating provides you with an insight into the vehicle’s weight limit, which includes the weight of your loaded trailer, the vehicle components, and the people inside. The GCWR of your tow vehicle tells you whether the weight of your boat and trailer exceeds its limit or not. Aside from your tow vehicle, you must also confirm if your trailer hitch can handle the weight of your boat and trailer.

Check the Vehicle

Once you have confirmed the compatibility of your tow vehicle and trailer hitch, you must now assess the condition of your vehicle. Since towing involves driving for a couple of minutes or hours, you must ensure that your vehicle will be in good condition. One aspect that you should check is its tyres. Checking the air pressure of the tyres can help you avoid tyre blow-outs. Other aspects of your vehicle that you should assess are its brakes and trailer lights.

Inspect the Boat

Aside from assessing your vehicle, you must also check and inspect the condition of your boat. Your boat will also be traversing the road. If it is not checked thoroughly, it might end up losing its components during the trip, which can cause dangers to nearby vehicles. Worse, the whole boat might get detached, damaging the vehicles behind it. To avoid these things from happening, you must make sure that it is secured on all sides. You must also ensure that the boat has no loose gear and components.

Ensure Safe Driving

The whole boat towing activity can be deemed safe if the tow vehicle will be driven safely. When driving your tow vehicle, you must make sure that you can maintain control during the whole trip. You must also remember that towing a boat can decrease the acceleration and braking performance of your vehicle. Considering these things help you manoeuvre your vehicle more carefully.

Once you have reached your destination, you must ensure that the boat will be unloaded properly. To know more about safe boat towing activity, you can call us at Advantage Towing.

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