4 Towing Mistakes that Inexperienced Towing Companies Commit

22 June 2021

Towing services are mostly carried out due to a lot of reasons. For one, a car that suddenly stopped in the middle of the road due to defects in its engine, faulty tires, and other similar issues must be towed towards a repair centre. Alternatively, a car that has collided with another car or has crashed towards solid objects must also be towed to avoid causing traffic jams.

Companies that offer towing services are intended to bring comfort to car owners who have encountered some issues on the road. However, not all of them can guarantee excellent towing services. Towing companies that still lack some experience and familiarity with towing services may still commit mistakes.

Here are 4 towing mistakes that inexperienced towing companies may commit.

Utilising the Wrong Vehicle Type

Towing is often achieved by attaching the damaged car to the vehicle that is dedicated to towing. With the right set of towing vehicles, they can easily remove the damaged car on the spot and transport it towards the repair centre. Utilising vehicles that are not designed to pull a certain weight of vehicles, alternatively, will only make things worse. The attachment of these vehicles might be possible, but when it comes to the towing proper, the towing vehicle would not be able to drag the damaged vehicle effectively.

Using Unsupported Equipment

Utilising the right type of towing vehicle is not enough to perform a good towing service. It must be equipped with devices that can lock the connection between the towing vehicle and the damaged vehicle without sustaining any damages. The use of unsupported or inappropriate towing equipment will not only make the towing service difficult but can also cause more problems along the way. Exceeding beyond the maximum towing loads of certain equipment can generate more road problems.

Failure to Check Tire Condition

A towing company may be confident about sending their best towing vehicle to the site of the incident. They are even sure about the towing equipment that they will be using. However, if the company has failed to check the condition of their vehicle’s tires, then it could only result in more trouble. Underinflated tires can easily cause issues and problems during the towing phase as the towing vehicle must pull a heavy load. Once the tires blow out, the towing vehicle might need to be towed as well.

Disregarding State Regulations

Ultimately, inexperienced towing companies often violate state regulations in terms of towing requirements. The towing vehicles must be registered and roadworthy. The towbars, couplings, and other towing equipment must not conceal the towing vehicle’s number plate and rear lights. The speed limit of the vehicles, especially when towing, must also be followed to avoid causing more accidents on the road. The length of the towing connection should likewise be checked to avoid generating damages.

Hiring companies with years of experience and great record can ensure vehicle owners safe towing experience. If you need excellent towing services, feel free to give us a call at Advantage Towing. We are the most reliable and the best towing services provider in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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