24/7 Towing Services in South East Melbourne: Choose Advantage Towing

04 November 2020

Having your car break down in the middle of a long trip or busy road can be quite troublesome. And so, the very first thing that you may do is to call for someone that knows who can tow your car to a repair shop. But if you cannot contact anyone, then you may want to try and call a towing company.

Most of the time, calling a towing company is the best solution for cars breaking down in the middle of a road. However, a lot of car owners are hesitant to call them as some have already encountered or heard horrible experiences with them. To avoid confronting yet another problem apart from your broken car, then you must hire a towing company that has positive and recommendable attributes.

Positive Attributes of a Good Towing Company

A good towing company typically has positive attributes that can back up its reputation. Some of the positive attributes that you must find for a towing company are as follows:

  • Reliable and Dependable: Cars may suddenly stop anytime, which is why towing companies must be ready to perform their intended tasks 24 hours a day. A towing company is believed to be reliable if it can easily respond to towing requests and provide the needed towing services round the clock. And so, you must find a company that offers services like these and you are guaranteed to be in good hands whenever something happens to your car.
  • Certified and Licenced: Another positive attribute of a good towing company is that it must have the needed certification and licences from a trusted body. You may want to work with a company that is legitimate and will not do some activities that will harm or deceive you in any possible way. A towing company with appropriate certification and licences is guaranteed to provide towing services that are only carried out by registered and qualified professionals.
  • Complete and Updated: Aside from reliable services and towing professionals, a towing company should also possess complete and updated equipment. For towing purposes, a company should have equipment that can tow your car effectively and safely. You do not want your car to be towed by some hardware that can damage the chassis of your possession. A good towing company has all the types of equipment needed for towing activities. They also ensure that they are maintained all the time.

Advantage Towing Can Essentially Help You Out

All these positive attributes of a good towing company are all acquired by our company, Advantage Towing. Our company has been in the industry for more than 30 years, allowing us to service South East Suburbs of Melbourne including Mordialloc, Mentone, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Highett, Aspendale, Elsternwick, St Kilda, Murrumbeena, Bentleigh East areas in Melbourne.

With our fleet of late-model Hino tilt slide tow trucks, we take pride in moving any type of vehicle. Aside from cars, we also extend our towing services to caravans, boats, pieces of machinery, forklifts, scissor lifts, tractors, bobcats, and even small excavators. Aside from our versatility, we likewise offer breakdown towing services and storage of your disabled vehicle if required at competitive prices.


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